C301 (7 - 9 Yrs.), C303 (4 - 6 Yrs.) COOKING

Join us for a session of fun and creativity with our talented cooking instructor. Whip up nutritious and delicious snacks and meals. Learn basic cooking skills including how to properly measure wet and dry ingredients, the use of different utensils and kitchen safety. Kids will enjoy learning to prepare interesting and easy-to-follow recipes from scratch. They get to eat their tasty creations at the end of the class or to bring them home to share with family.
PLEASE NOTE: We cannot guarantee that the class will be free of food allergens. If you child has food allergies, kindly advise us of the details before you register.

C301 Cooking 1 7 - 9 Years Mon. Jan. 8 - April 30 4:45 - 5:45 pm
$182 (14 Classes)
Mondays: No Class Feb. 19, March 12, April 2
C303 Cooking 3 4 - 6 Years Tues. Jan. 9 - May 1 4:45 - 5:45 pm

$208 (18 Classes)

Tuesdays: No Class Feb. 13

Please register online. Go to the 'Home' page and follow the link.