Dance, Musical Theatre

C500 DANCE EXPRESSION: Age 4 - 5 Years (JK/SK)

These fun classes will share the world of dance with your child in all its possibility. We'll explore musicality, space, balance and creativity in a fun and playful atmosphere. With enthusiasm and joy, your preschooler will be introduced to ballet, jazz and contemporary dance techniques. The thirty-minute class will expose your preschooler to many dance styles to see where their talents and interests lie. Proper attire would be ballet tights and bodysuit with ballet or jazz slippers, and hair pulled back.

C501 DANCE TECHNIQUE TWO: Age 6 - 8 (Gr. 1 - 3)

This class is a fusion of jazz and contemporary dance styles. Through jazz, they will learn how to be a great performer and build their flexibility and strength. Contemporary dance will make them versatile, grounded, creative and expressive. With an emphasis on improving technique, we will learn choreography from "Glee" and "So You Think You Can Dance!" In this class, you will see your child improve in a fun and playful environment. Proper atire is black clothing that is easy to move in, with jazz slippers and hair pulled back.


C501 MUSICAL THEATRE ARTS: Age 6 - 8 Years (Gr. 1 - 3)

Musical Theatre Arts class is to become a triple-threat! For the year-end performance, we will perform a couple of songs and scenes from a popular musical for kids. Aside from singing, dancing and acting, we will design and create our own set. This will be a great and creative class, no matter your grade-schooler's level of dance. Proper attire would be clothes that are easy to move in, with jazz slippers.

C500 Dance Expression 4 – 5 Years (JK/SK)
Wed. Sept. 13 - Dec. 13 4:00 – 4:30 pm
$98 (14 Classes
C501 Dance Technique 2 6 - 8 Years
(Gr. 1 - 3)
Wed. Sept. 13 - Dec. 13 4:45 - 5:30 pm
$98 (14 Classes)
C502 Theatre Arts Arts 6 - 8 Years (Gr. 1 - 3) Wed. Sept. 13 - Dec. 13 5:30 - 6:30 pm
$98 (14 Classes)

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